The numbers are staggering: 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will experience sexual abuse before the age of 18. It is the 2nd most costly crime in the United States behind homicide, costing the U.S. $35 billion annually. It is a crime that cuts across all cultural, racial and economic bounds.

Ending this devastating cycle begins with effective prevention education.

Simon Says Just Tell” is a Nationally Acclaimed Prevention Education Program Developed To Teach Children How To Recognize, Prevent, and Disclose Sexual Abuse. 


 Simon gently and effectively teaches children lessons of Self-worth, Empowerment and that their body is their own. You can bring this Emmy Award-winning Essential Safety Education to your community!

4-Parts To Preventing A National Epidemic

The program is designed to foster collaboration amongst educators, law enforcement and child protective services, while also encouraging the inclusion of parents and caretakers to attend the performances and participate in the dialogue.  It includes: 

  1. Lesson Plans for Teachers and Facilitators
  2. The Musical Marionette Production, “Simon Says Just Tell”
  3. A ‘Safety Net’ of trained professionals, on-site
  4. Evaluation to ensure program effectiveness

The program has been proven effective in teaching children prevention skills in a gentle and entertaining manner. The full-scale arts-in-entertainment production aligns to standards of learning in Character Development, Music, Arts and Language.

Results: Since its first showing, the musical marionette production has been performed to more than 250,000 children in greater Hampton Roads, Virginia and throughout the United States and Canada. “Simon Says Just Tell” has resulted in the arrest and incarceration of 158 child molesters in Hampton Roads, VA alone, and it is estimated that thousands of cases of prevention have occurred. 


Simon is the superhero of child safety and protection. He is a special puppet friend and hero who serves as the inner voice and conscience of a child, giving children the guidance and strength to do the right thing when a potentially dangerous situation occurs.

Bringing “Simon Says Just Tell” To Your Community

What Comes With The Program:

  1. Overview and Lesson Plans for teachers and counselors Grade 1 – 5
  2. Template Letter for parents/caretakers inviting them to to attend the show
  3. 40 minute marionette show “Simon Says Just Tell”
  4. Activity coloring sheet for the children
  5. Program Evaluation

Getting Started: What We Will Need From You:

We are happy to schedule discussion(s) to go over the following details and answer any of your questions or concerns.

  1. Cleared Permission from the School(s) and or youth centers to have their Grade 1 – 5 children attend the production. A principal, superintendent or directing administrator must approve hosting the program. We can provide you with a template letter for parental consent that the schools/organizations can send out ahead of time, inviting parents to the production or allowing them to have their child opt out.
  1. Stage / Auditorium Space Requirements: We require a clean/cleared space of at least 30’ wide, 15’ deep and 11’ in height to accommodate the staging. We provide our own sound equipment and need to have close access to an electrical outlet.
  1. Contacts: Trained professionals – the Safety Net – are present at every performance of “Simon Says Just Tell” so that any child who comes forward with questions or to disclose sexual abuse is properly addressed and cared for with the correct protocols in place. We will need a list with contact information for the local office of Child Protective Services and the local Police Department so that we can arrange the Safety Net.
  1. Volunteers: The staging is composed of about 1,500 pounds of equipment with set up taking approximately 2 hours and breakdown taking approximately 1 hour. We would appreciate (2) able-bodied volunteers to help with set-up and breakdown of staging equipment (Wooden marionette bridge, scenery flats and boards, sound and lighting equipment, marionette cases, etc.).
  1. Costs: The production requires 4 puppeteers and costs $2,500. Additional costs for out-of-state location include:
  • Airfare for 3 puppeteers
  • Hotel accommodations and per diem