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About Simon

Simon, a cute little green character and the star of the show, gently empowers children and teaches them to speak up if they are being touched or approached in a way that makes them uncomfortable. Simon serves as an inner voice and conscience that gives children the guidance and strength to do the right thing when a potentially dangerous situation occurs. He always shows up at just the right time to help children out of difficult situations, and to empower children to understand and be proud of their own self-worth and the right of sanctity of their own body. Through songs and dialogue with Simon, children will learn how to recognize, prevent and disclose sexual abuse in a gentle, non-threatening environment.

“Simon Says Just Tell”

Presented in a gentle, non-threatening way, “Simon Says Just Tell” is filled with all the excitement of a Broadway musical and has won an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The mood of the show is happy to serious, never somber or scary and features Simon as the star of the show. This 45-minute production comes with a soundtrack created by Juno award-winning children’s singer songwriter, Norman Foote. The handcrafted marionettes were produced by Virginia’s own master puppeteer, Regina Marscheider, who has designed more than 300 hand-sized to life-sized puppets. With the right mix of story and music including a sing-a-long song “This Is My Body”, children learn how to recognize the sanctity of their own bodies and give voice to their instinct and intuition, and to better protect themselves.

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